Business Coaching

Thinking partner

If I had to choose one thing that makes a difference to clients seeking change, it’s open-mindedness. From here we can create freedom, choice and possibility. 

It’s a wonderful thing to witness because nothing beats a change of heart. 

With everything to play for, the mountains begin to move, all in the safety of an independent relationship. And the outcome?  

Progress in all its glory.  

Executive coaching

One to one coaching is a highly relational process and the themes explored can be expansive. It’s the territory of all things career, personal brand, boardrooms and leading teams.   The leadership list is a long one, simply choose your topics and we’ll begin.   

It’s also about breaking new ground and creating opportunity. Great coaching, irrespective of style and credentials is developmental. Always, because no one needs fixing.  Coaching is simply the key that seeks to balance our inner and outer worlds and a willingness to learn about ourselves and others.     

Industry experience includes, professional services, financial services, media, utilities, construction, retail, education and health.

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It’s true when clients say the pull of work can be so strong it feels count intuitive to pause, and yet it’s often where the real work lies’

Karen Hayns

Starter For Ten

If you are toying with the idea of going solo, a start-up or an established owner run business wanting to take stock, pivot or scale up, then this coaching experience is tailor-made for you.  It is also ideal for those wanting to change industry or discipline or fancy the idea of a return to study.

Here’s what’s in store:   

  • Discovery session (lasting up to one hour) 
  • Professional coaching proposal
  • Ten reflective questions designed around your business aspirations and personal development  
  • A 2-hour coaching session

Fixed fee of £595

There is an option to receive ongoing coaching, however, there is no obligation because you’ll have everything you need to go solo at this point.

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Teams and Groups

Guided by collective enquiry, my work with teams offers leaders an opportunity to learn more about themselves to resolve workplace challenges.  It is a contemporary method that looks beyond the more traditional ideas we may have about success and other goal-oriented methods.  It feels respectful and introspective allowing those taking part to immerse themselves a little more deeply whilst affording the leader to work in one of three roles: as facilitator, as contributor and as issue holder.      

No one voice is more important than any other and so removes the need for a leader to have all the answers and/or do all the work.

By adopting a ‘love the problem’ mindset, leaders can harness the power of new perspectives and manage contributions from more challenging colleagues.  In return this process improves team cohesion and strengthens decision making. 

These methods are featured in two coaching handbooks published in 2021 and 2023 a Henley collaboration with more than 100 coaches worldwide.

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No phones, no chromebooks, no PowerPoint, just us

Senior Leadership Team in Education

Client Testimonials

As I transitioned from corporate life to running my own business, I worried about holding myself to account, establishing my boundaries and maintaining my confidence. Karen helped me to think holistically about me and my business, most fundamentally why I was doing it and what I wanted from my business and life.
Thank you, Karen I really couldn’t have done it without you, I will be forever grateful! The work we did together has really shifted things for me and in my relationships at work. I feel much calmer and more in control which makes my job so much easier and, feel much healthier - physically and mentally.
Karen was my coach for 18 months when I was studying for my MBA at Henley Business School. The coaching sessions were outstanding. She helped me investigate and understand myself better and as a result achieve far more and work out what I really wanted to be doing.
Working with Karen has been a pleasure. Her business planning session made me focus on my strengths, allowed me to get an understanding of my clients, and map out a strategy to guide me. She helped me understand the power of my thoughts and how they impact the way I view my business.
I am a big advocate in coaching, and I have an excellent high performing team. This has been achieved through the team wanting to be winners and being open to new experiences. Karen has coached various members of my team, and I strongly believe this has helped create the type of environment that a lot of people dream of and strive for.
I have been lucky enough to have been able to work with Karen for the past couple of years. During that time Karen’s coaching has helped me to develop my confidence and unlock new experiences. She asks the right questions to lead me to decisions whilst helping me focus and prioritise.
I had the good fortune of having Karen as a coach during my Exec MBA at Henley Business School. She is objective, balanced, trustworthy and knowledgeable to name but a few of her attributes. She has helped me find clarity in some of life's obscurities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
As part of Henley Business School's management programme, I was given an opportunity to be coached by Karen. She has one of those pleasant personalities which brings you at ease instantly. Her coaching style is unique and driven by compassion and deep listening.
I am pleased to recommend Karen for offering the experience of 'Executive coaching'. Straightening out some of my complex thoughts on career progression by active listening and supporting all the way through my MBA journey are some memorable life lessons.
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