Head to toe, inside and out

My work in health is devoted to improving physical, pyschological and emotional wellbeing through our relationship with food, weight and body image. 

I work with a broad spectrum of eating issues including, anorexia, orthorexia (extreme clean eating), binge eating, bulimia and obesity, and also support clients without a diagnosis who simply want a less obsessive and more peaceful  relationship with food.   

I offer guidance and support to parents and carers if I am working with younger  adults (18 and over) so that they feel more resourced during their loved one’s recovery and during a time of uncertainty and distress. For U18s, I can offer referrals to other public and private sources of support.

Healthspan, yes you can

Our relationship with food is lifelong and for those that struggle, it may at times seem insurmountable.  However, it is entirely possible to recover from disordered and distressed eating.  Having experienced eating issues myself, my mission is to educate and equip clients using healthspan an approach that combines nutritional rehabilitation, mindset, self-esteem and skills work. 

We look at the relational aspects of our personal and social environments, including the role of partners, family and friends. We make sense of misinformation and social media awash with ‘health’ influencers promoting slimness, sixpacks and ‘their way’ of doing it.  

We challenge diet culture mentality and learn how to manage eating setbacks.  We learn about appetite and hunger cues, and the importance of sleep and how diet quality affects mood, energy levels and cravings.   We will improve meal planning, shopping, cooking and eating routines and gradually increase the variety and quality of food boughts into the home and become wise to clever marketing ploys and false health claims made by the food industry.

It is all encompassing and isn’t just about the weight you lose or gain, it’s about the quality of life you gain in return.

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Client Testimonials

Having been unsuccessful, many times, "going it alone" on my weight management journey I was fortunate enough to meet Karen Hayns at a local Slimming World Group. Karen has made an immediate and lasting difference to my mindset due to her support and self empowering sessions during the weekly meetings.
Losing weight, and then maintaining it, I believe is only 50% food, the rest is attitude, knowing and helping yourself as you would your best friend. When you understand how, have a plan and then live it with enjoyment and not feel deprived is at the heart of it.
Karen's positive energy and relaxed approach helped me to open up during our conversations. She was genuinely interested in helping me cope with stress and trich. By sharing her own struggle with the condition she gave me courage throughout the change process.
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