Creating Balance

Feeling good about ourselves and the lives we lead takes time and effort.  It’s a fine balance to strike and requires a combination of good routine and a healthy dollop of adventure to keep us topped up.

Clients may get in touch at any point from being in a crisis of some kind, or feeling stuck and wanting a new lease of life. 

Our starting point is looking at life through a number of lenses and by asking some important lifestyle questions.

Strengths work can offer a deeper understanding of the things you enjoy and get most energy and satisfaction from.  For many, this becomes more important as we progress our careers and people find themselves seeking more meaning in their work. 

Understanding your values and attitudes towards personal and professional development helps to answer those questions and in turn makes decision making easier as you become clear about the things that matter most.  

It is a satisfying place to arrive at because it then becomes possible to see the big picture and the finer detail required to create a plan that inspires confidence and a new path to forge.  

Decluttering - No Space Like Home

A clutter free home will help you to relax and be more organised. It’s a skill I’ve learned; life growing up was messy and chaotic.  However, many moons and homes later, I have learned to value the calmness that living with less brings.  That is not to say minimalist, ours is an open door, shoes on kind of household, however striking a balance between keeping and letting go makes for less stress and more peaceful living.

Cluttering typically builds up over a period of years and goes beyond not having enough time to keep things tidy or being disorganised. In extreme cases it can result in isolation and loneliness, with undesirable consequences for lifestyle and wellbeing.   

Working with clients at home can achieve life changing results because they tackle something they didn’t believe was possible; relcaiming their home.  Being able to welcome family and friends through the door again cannot be underestimated.

Much of my work in this field is with people who have experienced loss, or want to help aging parents prepare for their next life stage by either downsizing, moving or making their existing homes more liveable.

For more information, go to the article in the Reading Corner.

Adoption and attachment

As an adoptee (and a very happy one) I have spent a lifetime understanding the importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships with my adoptive and birth families. I believe that coaching can positively impact your own adoption story if this is something you would like to explore.          

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Client Testimonials

I can thoroughly recommend Karen Hayns to work with you if you would like to de-clutter your home or anywhere else that might need it. She makes something that you are perhaps dreading, like I was, fun as well as achieving the objective.
I was a bit sceptical about coaching as I think it's so hard to empathise with the issues facing a particular workplace or industry unless you've worked in them but Karen didn't take long to get the thread of things and understand the key drivers and problems.
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